The highlight of the evening is undoubtedly Tetiana Miyus as Leïla, who makes her clear soprano shine wonderfully and also makes a story that touches the heart palpable

Michaela Reichart, «Krone.at»

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with Tetiana Miyus in main role

Oper Graz

Oper "Die verkaufte Braut" Bedřich Smetana
Weinberg "Die Passagierin"
Leila «Les Pecheurs de perles»
LISETTE «La Rondine»
MICAELA «Carmen»
INFANTIN «Der Zwerg»
SUSANNA «Le Nozze di Figaro»
Foto by Werner Kmetitsch
SUSANNA «Il segreto di Susanna»
Leila «Les Pecheurs de perles»
Schedule 2023-2024
Antonia "The Tales of Hoffmann" Offenbach
September 13
October 11, 15, 18
November 5, 10
December 3, 8, 13
Oper Graz
Mozart "Requiem"
November 1
Canisiuskirche Wien
Concert (Schubert Songs)
Bonn Beethoven Orchester
November 25
Telekom Zentrale Bonn
New Year Concert
January 1
Oper Graz
Schlaflos, Alida "Sleepless" Eötvös
January 13, 18, 24, 31
February 3, 11, 16
March 1, 10
Oper Graz
G.Bizet "Carmen" Arie Micaela
Gounod. Marguerite Arie
Haydn «Und Gott sprach ... Auf starkem fittiche»
  • «La Boheme»

    Isabella Steppan, Backtrack

    The second couple of the evening offered significantly more fire, both vocally and actively: Tetiana Miyus impressed as the capricious Musetta, especially in the second act with stage presence and glamor factor.

    With the crystal clear height of her soprano and clever phrasing, she skilfully wrapped both the audience and Marcello around her finger and in the fourth act she designed a moving, heartfelt prayer before Mimì's death.

  • «Le nozze di Figaro»
    Manfred A.Schmid, Onlinemerker

    Tetiana Miyus is a true feast for the eyes and ears, both vocally and dramatically. Lively, delightful, wide awake and equipped with a fresh, graceful soprano.

    In truth, it is probably she who pulls the strings in the background, and not, as usual, her bridegroom, who is skillfully manipulated by her, as in a scene where she actually pulls him with strings tied to his arms, like one Puppet controls.

  • «Les Pecheurs de perles»
    Martin Gasser, Kleine zeitung

    One hears this poetry mainly through Tetiana Miyus as Leïla, who gives this evening lyrical brilliance and suppleness: She is not one of the coloratura automatons that one has often heard in this part, she sings with imagination, inwardness and rounded coloratura. She also does not owe the dramatic outbursts in the third act; Miyus is moving in her own league this evening.

  • «The Tales of Hoffmann» Antonia
    Isabella Steppan, Bachtack

    Tetiana Miyus sings Antonia with blooming, radiant lyricism!

    Tetiana Miyus, whose Antonia was filled with warmth and radiance, but also the most delicate piano.

    A dreamy, soulful Antonia embodied Tetiana Miyus, her voice reflecting the character's conflicting emotions in the timbres. Her soprano always has a lightness in its timbre, but also enough substance to effortlessly rise above the dramatic waves of sound from the pit in the finale of the act.

  • «Il Cappello Di Paglia Di Firenze»
    Isabella Steppan, Bachtack

    Tetiana Miyus as Helena shines as the patient and steadfast bride with delicate lyricism, especially in the fourth act.

    As Elena, who steadfastly believes in a happy ending, Tetiana Miyus let her voice blossom both lyrically and sparkle in sparkling coloratura; She embodied the naivety of the role with engaging charm.

Graz, Austria
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